This is a blog about the novels and stories associated with the imaginary town of Dereham, in an imaginary part of Wiltshire, which lies somewhere near the imaginary town of Southleigh in Somerset.

Any resemblance with other towns in Wiltshire or, indeed, other counties is entirely and purely coincidental.

This blog is intended to keep those interested — and even those just passing by — up-to-date with the progress of a series novels, set in Dereham, written by Steve Dewey and Kevin Goodman. We might also occasionally show-off flash fiction or short stories set in and around the fictional Dereham.

The novels are partly set in ufological and paranormal worlds, of which Steve and Kevin have experience having been visitors to Cradle Hill in Warminster, scene of the Warminster mystery, during the 1970s and 1980s. We are curators of the UFO Warminster website, and have written various books on the subject.

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A blog about the series of novels set in the the imaginary town of Dereham, in an imaginary part of Wiltshire