The Books

I have co-authored the following non-fiction:

and the following fiction:

The following novels are written solely by me:

When my friend John Ries, co-author of In Alien Heat, died, he left a pile of unpublished and mostly unseen short stories and poems. I, and our mutual friend S Carr Gogh, spent some time editing these for publication so that, at the very least, his friends and acquaintances could see what he liked to write about, what his obsessions were, and so on. This book is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle, and is called The Dead John Miscellany.

I have self-published a short Kindle book of some of my poems about and inspired by Wiltshire, Wiltshire Songs.

These can be purchased from most on-line shops, and can also be ordered — probably — from some physical ones.


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A blog about the series of novels set in the the imaginary town of Dereham, in an imaginary part of Wiltshire